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I am the type of person who loves getting my hair cut. However, we all have our share of horror stories with getting our hair cut.  One time a few years back, I started working as a receptionist in a salon near my home.  I needed a hair cut so I went in, showed the hairdresser the beautiful, bouncy, shoulder length hair cut of my dreams.  As she began cutting, my hair got shorter, and shorter.  Before I knew it, I had two layers.  One cut straight across my cheekbone and the other ended at my neckline.  I had to fight back the tears because I hated my haircut. 

From that day, I hadn't cut my hair in over a year.  Then one day, my aunt's friend recommended Katie Starr.  She raved about how excellent a hair stylist she was and highly recommended her.  The only issue for me was that she worked in Massachusetts and I lived in Connecticut.  Well, my aunt and I gave it a shot and decided to see how we liked Katie.  Originally, she was working at another salon close by.  However, I was so completely satisfied with her work, that when she joined the Silver Leaf team, I also became a customer at Silver Leaf. 

At Silverleaf, I discovered a very comfortable atmosphere with very caring workers.  In fact, even the receptionist asks me how my family is doing.  Each of the employees that I have encountered here are very nice and truly caring.  I love going to Silverleaf Spa and I always recommend it to anyone and everyone I come across.  Although I live in Connecticut, it is ALWAYS well worth the ride there.

Heather MacCracken
Central Village, CT

  Having just had a facial for the first time at Silver Leaf Spa, I am left
feeling the experience was on the level of the sacred.

Nancy is something of an artistic genius and as the applications of
facial nurturing are applied, one experiences a depth of 'facial aliveness' and skin/zone appreciation of their own face like none before. Nancy's attendance to the arm and hand massage is also very relaxing.

The lotions applied to the face are surpassed by none. Nancy has immense knowledge of the energy places in the face, and one must certainly take appreciation to the energy forces being moved as the treatment continues. All in all, if you came into the spa feeling blah and tired, because of the talent of Nancy Temple, you will leave feeling better and looking better due to the cleansing of the face and the cleansing of the inner sanctum of the face that only leaves smile lines!

Caroline MacDuffie
Worcester, MA


I've been having my hair styled at Silver Leaf Spa for over three years now. The staff always make me feel so comfortable upon my arrival and Sue does a wonderful job in styling my hair. They offer a very relaxing atmosphere and the most professional staff in the area.

I always receive a tremendous number of compliments after each visit and look forward to my next appointment.

I always evaluate a business based on customer service, and the service I receive from Silver Leaf Spa is unsurpassed!

Bill Stark
Auburn, MA

  "Having a busy career and home life, being a mother (46), step mother and also having just lost my own mother at the young age of 65....I was searching for a spa that would not only provide the services I needed at a good value but I wanted a nurturing atmosphere which would allow me the time-out I craved. Food for my soul.

Nancy Temple has created an oasis with attention to every detail. The atmosphere is calm and soothing the staff is friendly and makes you feel comfortable and the technicians are about the best in the industry...right in Auburn, Ma! An added asset is the fact that the products used there have been carefully researched and that only natural and safe ingredients are used and sold. After one visit, I felt like family and now I regularly use them for waxing, brow shaping, hair and skin care as well as manicures, pedicures and massages.

Silverleaf Spa is a secret I no longer keep!"

Michele Wilbur
Millbury, MA


"A few years ago a friend referred me to Silver Leaf Spa and owner, Nancy Temple, for facials. Up until then, I had been to several places that advertised a lot, but were somewhat average in service and expertise when I tried them. I immediately recognized the difference when I walked in the door at Silver Leaf Spa. The staff there truly go above and beyond your typical spa expectations.

The extensive menu, personalized service and attention to detail kept me coming back again and again. I've tried a number of the different services at the spa now and I'm never disappointed. Walking in the door is like going on a relaxing getaway and best of all, I always walk out looking and feeling great.

This may sound unbelievable, but I actually met my husband through the connections I'd made at the spa. When we finally married in Newport this summer, Silver Leaf was the first stop for my bridesmaids and I. Thanks to everyone at the spa for a perfect beginning to my wedding day (we looked like goddesses!), and thanks for many years of excellent service. I highly recommend you to all!"

Best wishes,
Kelsa Zereski

  "I was introduced to Silver Leaf Spa by a family member about six months ago. I am a new Mom (now expecting my second baby very soon) and I am also a nurse. I have been searching for a calming environment that could not only relax me but also produce the skincare results I wanted... and the Silver Leaf Spa has far exceeded both of those goals.

As you first enter the spa you are immediately greeted by a soothing aroma, but it is the friendly staff and their talent that keeps me coming back time after time. I now am a regular client and utilize the spa's skincare and nail services. I am absolutely amazed at the results I have seen in my skin in just six short months. I have full confidence that the products I am using from the spa are the top products in the market and I am even more confident that Nancy and her staff are the best in the industry. Thank you for all you have done for me thus far and I am excited to continue with my visits in the future."

Michelle Fuller
  Bride Laughing  
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