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Yonka Paris Line
Serious Skin Care that addresses
Anti-Aging, Rosacea, Acne,Dehydration, Combination, Normal, Adolescent & Post Dermabrasion skins.


Essential Oils

  Yon-Ka has been the undisputed pioneer of professional aesthetic aromatherapy since the 1950's. Through its face, body and sun skincare collections, Yon-ka gives your skin the most precious ingredients that plants can provide: the enlivening essential oils charged with energy from the sun rays. In the heart of Yon-Ka, a pure and natural aromatic composition of lavender,cypress, rosemary, geranium and thyme oils: the five Quintessence of essential oils. This exclusive formula is then blended with a wealth of plant extracts from all over the world.
Plant, Fruit & Marine Extracts

With their subtle aromas, the essential oils combined with plant, fruit and marine extracts act to balance, soothe, revive and rejuvenate. Each ingredients has a specific role for your skin: the fruit acids moisturize and enhance the complexion, the vitamins combat free radicals, the seaweed reminerlize and plant oils nourish and soften.

The Yon-Ka Commitment

Each product is created, manufactured and tested by the laboratories Multaler, a French family owned company. Each product you buy, comes with the guarantee of a genuine, high quality formulation that delivers instant and long lasting results. Yon-ka products are sold by skin care professionals the world over to offer the most effective personalized Yon-ka products and beauty treatments that combine pleasure and freshness, visible results and renewed senses of well-being.



Jan Marini Skin Products


  Jan Marini Skin Products  
Benzoyl Peroxide Group
Benzoyl peroxide is a potent and effective therapy for treating acne. It is currently recognized by the American Academy of Dermatology as being one of the most effective antibacterial agents proven to significantly reduce the presence of P acne bacteria (the bacteria believed to play a primary role in the inflammatory aspect of the acne process).
We carry the following Benzoyl Peroxide products:

Benzoyl Peroxide 5%

Benzoyl Peroxide 10%

The medication of choice for
treating acne.
  Slightly stronger formula for
treating acne.
Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% Wash
A therapeutically effective anti-bacterial cleanser for the
treatment of acne and acne prone skin.


The Bioglycolic Line
Among other things, glycolic acid loosens the "glue-like" attachments that harden on the surface of the skin (cellular cement), that are characteristic of many skin conditions such as acne, photo damage (environmental aging), and hyperpigmentation (discoloring), immensely improving the appearance of the skin. It has even proven to be a valuable tool in reducing the depth of acne scarring.

We carry the following Bioglycolic products:

Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser


A gentle cleanser with glycolic acid, suitable for all skin types. This formula is soap-free, non-irritating and rinses completely without the need for a post-cleansing toner or astringent.   A fragrance-free non-glycolic acid cleanser. This luxurious gel formulation is an alternative for those times when a glycolic acid cleanser may not be appropriate.
Bioglycolic Facial Lotion SPF 15   Bioglycolic Facial Lotion
A non-chemical sun block is the first glycolic acid resurfacing agent that is combined with a totally non-chemical sun blocking agent.   An oil-free, alcohol-free resurfacing agent that is suitable for all skin types.
Bioglycolic Acne Gel I & II   Bioglycolic Lightening Gel
These gels feature a revolutionary microscopic sponge encapsulation system that continuously absorb excess surface oils. This 100% oil-free gel formula smooths on easily and absorbs quickly and completely, leaving the skin with a soft clean feeling.   A representative of the latest cutting edge technology designed to address skin discoloration and unevenness.
• Bioglycolic Oily Skin Cleansing Gel   Bioglycolic Cream
A deep follicular cleansing agent that provides extra benefits for extremely oily/problem prone skin.   A highly moisturizing resurfacing agent that is suitable for all skin types.

C-ESTA  (containing DAE Complex)
A revolutionary concept in anti-aging, the C-ESTA Line containing DAE ComplexTM is the result of 12 years of intensive medical research, based on a form of topically absorbed, lipid soluble Vitamin C.

With continued use, the skin will become measurably firmer, more resilient, and facial contours will appear tighter and more defined. Deeper lines will appear far less pronounced, skin tones will even and the skin will appear noticeably younger and healthier.

We carry the following C-ESTA products:


C-ESTA Serum

Designed to compliment the morning application of C-ESTA Serum, this cream will create a smoother and more supple appearance to the skin's texture.

A readily absorbed liquid that is compatible with glycolic acid products, Retin-ATM, other topical medications, moisturizers and makeup.

The Eye Cream completes and compliments the application
of C-ESTA Serum and Cream.

Enzyme Therapy

Proteolytic enzymes are the most scientifically sensible and effective method to accomplish supplemental exfoliation at home. Unlike abrasive scrubs, the "proteolytic enzymes" found in the Enzyme Therapy products are selective in digesting only dead or diseased protein material without harming living healthy cells.

While users are less likely to irriate their own skin from pressure or over manipulation, continued use also provides new cell formation, collagen stimulation and antioxidant capabilities.

Users will see an immediate and continuing measurable improvement in skin texture, clarity and firmness. In addition, those who may experience temporary dryness or flaking from glycolic acid, Retin-A™, or acne medication will find that this annoyance can virtually be eliminated.

We carry the following Enzyme Therapy products:

Clean Zyme  

Skin Zyme


Make-Up Retail


CARA Cosmetics


In addition to meeting the demands of today's ethnically diverse market, CARA Cosmetics features a full line of all natural, camouflage products specifically designed for women who have undergone dermatology and plastic surgery procedures as well as post-trauma patients.

Cara Cosmetics

• CARA Cosmetics is a natural makeup line made up of a wide variety of minerals and natural color pigments, extracted from nature.
• Sophisticated and exclusive makeup line found only in selective spas, salons and medical centers
• Superior quality products designed with skin care in mind
• High coverage foundation for post laser, melasma and acneic skin
• Excellent color selection with a fashion forward edge
• Cruelty and fragrance free
• No mineral oil and Non comedogenic
• Custom blending of foundations and powder with pigments and moisture additives
• Our colors and shades cater to all ethnicity and skintones
• High quality natural and synthetic bristle brushes

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