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Aromatic Scented Treatment Rooms Entice The Senses While Soft Music And Heated Tables Prepare The Muscles For The Finest Massage Techniques. *Prices May Vary.


bamboo 115.00
A 90 Minute Treatment Using Warm Bamboo And Rosewood Tools For Deep Tissue Techniques. This Treatment Promotes Healing, Rejuvenates Skin And Boosts The Immune System.

Wullstone Therapy 115.00
A 1.5 Hour Massage With The Use Of Wullstone Therapy Feels Like Being Massaged With Melted Honey. Wullstone Therapy Is A Dry Infrared Heat Designed To Relax Stress And Balance The Flow Of Energy.

hotstone 115.00
90 Minute Relaxing Massage With The Use Of Warm Basalt Stones.


*15 Min.- 25.00   *30 Min.- 45.00   *45 Min.- 60.00  *60 Min.- 75.00   *90 Min.- 95.00

*Additional $10.00 for deep tissue

relax muscles, improve circulation

massage for trouble areas
Tequila Sage Massage
detoxifying, muscle relief

massage for two
( 2nd & 3rd Trimester)

relieve stress, muscle tension, headaches

muscle restoration
for chronic pain

Our Body Treatments Are Based On A Single Philosophy; Fruits, Sea Salts, Minerals And Roots Create Treatments Which Enhance And Nourish The Entire Body. For Your Comfort, Avoid Shaving 24 Hours Prior To Service.
Body Treatment    

exfoliate, cleanse, detoxify, condition skin

detoxify, increase circulation

Ear Coning
Ear Coning Is Very Relaxing And Non-Invasive, And There's No Heat Felt In The Ear Canal. Each Cone Is Hand Made With 100% Unbleached Cotton, Beeswax, Essential Oils, Herbal Extracts And Flower Essences.

Ear Coning May Provide These Benefits: Sharpening Of Mental Functioning, Vision, Hearing And Taste. Recommended Twice Annually.

Respiratory Refresher
decongestant / antibiotic
Osha Root
respiratory relief
calming / relaxing
tension, stress and sadness

Native Blend
anti-inflammatory / relieves dizziness

skin care
Facial Treatments And Skin Care Products Are Synergistically Balanced And Tailored To Suit Your Specific Needs.

90 Minute Facial $100.00
60 Minute Facial $85.00
30 Minute Facial $45.00
skin services



Three Treatments $130.00 Per Treatment

 This Anti-Aging Therapy Reduces Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Discoloration. (Mandatory Maintenance Products Sold Separately)

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